Austin Kincaid

When you have a wife as sexy as Austin Kincaid, it’s only natural to wonder what she’s up to when you’re not around. Austin’s husband travels a lot and when he started hearing rumors that his hot busty wife was up to no good, he hired a private eye to keep an eye on her. Ralph did some investigating and discovered that Austin was running a little phone sex operation while her hubby was away on business. When Austin caught on to what Ralph was doing, she told him she would make him her very own private dick if he would keep his mouth shut and not tell her husband about the phone sex. As it turns out, Ralph is really good at keeping secrets.

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Veronica Rayne

Veronica Rayne always welcomed her son’s friends into the house. She always thought Chris was kind of cute but she never really imagined that he would have such a big cock. Veronica made the guys some cookies to eat while they were playing pool then she went off to clean the bathroom. When Chris came in to take a leak, Veronica’s curiosity got the best of her and she couldn’t help but steal a peek. Her jaw dropped when she saw the size of Chris’ manhood and she could instantly feel her pussy getting wet with anticipation. This busty MILF hadn’t had a good fucking in a long time and she wasn’t about to let Chris get back to his game of pool before she had a little play time herself.

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Bobbi Eden

Episode: L.I.B. 69

Scene: It had been a while since hot blond MILF Bobbi Eden had a good hard fucking and she was getting desperate. It was time to go on the offensive! She decided to seduce the next stiff cock to come along into having sex with her. She was happy that it turned out to be Johnny. He was the neighborhood stud and he had a reputation for not being able to say “no” to the hot and horny houseiwves that lived on the street. Bobbi hadn’t yet had her turn with him so she asked him to come in for a drink and he fell for the bait. A little male enhancer slipped into that glass of orange juice went a long way towards turning an otherwise dull afternoon into just what Bobbi had been fantasizing about for weeks!